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There are many benefits of tinting your car windows. Window tinting provides UV protection, heat rejection, and "stylization" for your vehicle. The time it takes for you to drive to and from your home to work and vice versa will be enough for the harmful UV ray to damage your skin and your vehicle interior over time. Our premium window film provides 99.9% UV protection and rejects a tremendous amount of heat so you won't have to rely heavily on your sunscreen lotion or car AC. And best of all, your car will look much more stylish and luxurious.

UV protection


Our high-performance Ceramic film is a great option for all Tesla models. It provides 99% UV protection and exceptional heat rejection. It will prevent your car interior from prolonged UV exposure and it will protect you and your family from the harmful UV ray.

heat rejection

For many, heat rejection alone is a reason to tint your vehicle, especially during the hot summer season. You will no longer have to place cumbersome car window shades to block heat - our Ceramic window film rejects over 50% solar energy and over 70% IR. Once you tint your car, you will never be able to NOT tint your car again. The difference is day and night.

stylized privacy

Other than practical reasons, such as UV protection and heat/IR rejection, to tint your car windows, many tint their cars for their clean and stylish look as well as the privacy it provides. Window tinting is one of the rare practical, yet, luxury items where you will be able to enjoy all the benenfits without a compromise. 



Hover over the images to see the differences in shade level (VLT) from outside looking in. Please note the shade levels shown on below index may differ from real-life representation of visibility due to different lighting and other related variables. 

Window Film Shade Levels



Before tinting your car

It's not required but recommended to get a quick car wash before you tint your windows. From our experience, cleaner cars have much less chance of small debris going under the film, which can cause small beads to remain on the film. It's impossible to avoid those small debris 100% but, by washing your car, it reduces the amount of debris that settles under the film. If you have pets, it is highly recommended to clean and vacuum the interior of your car to ensure less chance of dog or cat hair to settle under the window film. Please remember to remove big items, such as bags, boxes, and/or car seats, from your car before bringing your car to a shop.

After tinting your car

We recommend you do not roll down the window for at least 3 days after you tint your car to make sure the moisture on the window film dries up enough to avoid it being caught on the rubber frame of your car window. It usually takes about 3 weeks for the film to cure completely so it's okay if you notice some haziness or few water/glue marks during that time. They will eventually disappear and leave your windows nice and clean. You can wash the exterior of your car after you tint but try to avoid cleaning inside of the window for about 3 weeks. After about 3 weeks, you can starting cleaning your windows with glass cleaning agents that do not contain ammonia

2019 Corvette | ceramic
2018 Tesla model 3 | ceramic
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